Quick Void Editing Vouchers If you want a more detailed look at a voucher, you can view or edit.
Updates New Releases updates WooCommerce extensions March 28, 2017).Template creation is neater as a result (well show you this shortly).The plugin also adds new fields to the single product page: Custom Fields @ WooCommerce Single Product Page.However, the largest pain point with the plugin was related to voucher management.PDF Product Vouchers helps you connect your online store to an on-the-ground business, providing printable gift certificates to be used in person, online, at events, in exchange for free gifts, and more!
Applies to partially-redeemed vouchers as well.
Old veluwse bron korting 2018 Voucher Editing, now instead, we have a list of your voucher templates under WooCommerce Vouchers Voucher Templates.
Admin can customize the email template User can add a custom message User can delay the gift card delivery on a custom date User can select multiple recipients User can edit the gift card via the My Account page And so on And here are.
Previously, youd do this from WooCommerce Vouchers, and add a new voucher.WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin by yith (free).Sometimes trust me ecommerce marketing is pretty simple: see what works (specifically on Amazon and Alibaba and copy.WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin by yith (premium).The plugin can be downloaded for free at unlike the previous plugin, yith creates a new product type.(This is going to help us support more product types in the future.) Instead, youll now mark a product as Has Voucher to attach a voucher template to the product (or product variation).