It should bear the exact date, month and year of the transaction.
However, it should be taken into consideration that in case the payment is promo codes 2018 forever 21 of more than.
These are as follows.In the case of manufacturing establishments.Credit Voucher Also known as receipt vouchers, these are the written evidence of cash receipt.Types of vouchers :- 1) Primary vouchers :- a primary voucher is written evident in original.All big business organizations prepare vouchers for each of their transaction these days.The vouchers will show separately.
In store holding establishments items will be accounted for by quantity and condition.
The voucher also justifies the firms cash payments to kort jack puzzel vendors and documents the general ledger accounts used to post the transaction.
It should bear the name and address of the party to whom the payment is to be made.Issues on payment etc.The restaurant, for example, can credit (increase) the meat inventory account and debit (decrease) the cash account to record the payment.In the absence of supporting vouchers, the receipt area of that voucher is filled in for using it as the supporting voucher.What is a 'Voucher a voucher is a document used by a companys accounts payable department to gather and file all of the supporting documents needed to approve the payment of a liability.However, when the payment is made in the form of a crossed account payee cheque, the signature of the receivers is not mandatory.CIVs are made to account for Final issues like issues for consumption.Issue and Expense Vouchers have the format prescribed vide iafz 2096 (small) which provides for the.Repairable and unserviceable articles except articles of clothing and necessaries.The issue voucher should contain a certificate from OC to the effect that the stores issued were actually consumed during the month for Govt.

Besides the above information the following aspects will be looked into:1.
All issues are supported by proper authority and no unauthorised issue of stores has been made.