What Our Clients Say, my daughter had her 40 korting meereizen met student ears pierced and was very nervous.
This can cause a lot of scarring, and the ear will take longer to heal.The cleaning solution they sell you are really bad for healing too, you should only use saline and salt water to clean.The people who work in Claire's are given a day or so irregular choice voucher of training for piercing, and train by using the gun on teddy bears.Emma C, lovely to meet you.Katy is freebies online samples uk lovely, so calm and reassuring.There are far, far more horror stories about ear piercings from Claire's than from actual, professionally trained piercers.Kate L, my daughter had her ears pierced today and Katy was fantastic, thank you.She will be back this time next year for her second ones.Using piercing guns, like at Claire's, causes massive trauma to the skin and flesh as instead of a hollow, sharp needle, the ear is pierced with a solid and fairly blunt earring, forced through the ear at speed.This is complete nonsense, you cannot speed up the body's healing process, and especially not with their crappy cleaning solution.
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The needles used by piercers can be sterilised in an autoclave, piercing guns cannot be fully sterilised, meaning there is a higher risk of infection, even when using new, sterilised earrings.
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Had ear cartilage piercing, katy was really friendly and professional and I felt very happy having it done by her.Thank you so much for looking after her!Annette B, the staff were excellent in explaining all that was happening when I took my 13 year old daughter for ear piercing and made her feel very at ease.It slices through the flesh and leaves a neat hole without causing trauma to the area, and heals the same as any clean wound if looked after properly.I will definitely recommend her to anyone considering ear piercing.We use Studex system 75 instruments for precision piercing ultimate hygiene the most up to date and painless system for ear - piercing.Lobe piercings will take 6-8 weeks to heal to the point of changing the jewellery, no matter what you use to clean them, and changing the jewellery before this is really bad for the healing process, encourages more scar tissue to form and makes for.Vouchers emailed or posted the same day.

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